• Is suited for blind embossing of paper ranging between 50 g/m2 and 180 g/m2 in weight
  • Is an elastic counter die material which is supplied in form of plates (sized in 20 cm x 29 cm and 29 cm x 40 cm).
  • Ensures the manufacture of the counter die within a few minutes.
  • Is fit in the machine opposite to the metal embossing die and in the corresponding size. Due to the pressure strength exerted during the running of the machine, the relief to your metal embossing die is formed on the elastic surface.
  • Eliminates time-consuming preparatory work and cutting procedures.
  • Allows for positional corrections without having to manufacture a new counter die.
  • Remains unchanged after a large number of embossings and is highly wear-resistant.
  • A sensible complement to it is PRAGOFILM, a self-adhesive, transparent foil which is stuck over the finished counter die. It stabilizes and protects the counter die.
  • Prägo plast can also be used on round surfaces, such as the Heidelberg cylinder.
  • The material thickness when attached is 1 mm (without the cover liner of the adhesive layer on the back).

Product Information

Field of application

Is used for the manufacture of counter dies in press platen and cylinder printing machines as well as in any automatic stamping and embossing machines.
PRÄGOPLAST is available in different sizes.


a combined pack comprises:

3 foils PRÄGOPLAST 1.0 | 20 x 29 cm

5 foils PRÄGOFILM | 20 x 29 cm

Prägo-No. 2133 / Order-No. 70001


3 foils | 29 x 40 cm

Prägo-No. 0024 / Order-No. 70002

PRÄGOPLAST spezial 1.0

3 foils | 62,5 cm x 49 cm

Prägo-No. 0026 / Order-No. 70003

We recommend always use PRÄGOPLAST together with PRÄGOFILM.
This transparent foil which is stuck on the finished counter die – it protects and stabilizes the counter die.


10 foils | 20 cm x 29 cm

Prägo-No. 0033 / Order-No. 70004


5 foils |  29 cm x 40 cm

Prägo-No. 0066 / Order-No. 70005

Instructions for use

Please have a look at the video with the working instructions. Here you will find helpful hints for handling the Patrizen product.

PRÄGOPLAST.PDF – instruction for use (60 KB)
Please use the download for the instruction of PRÄGPLAT. The flyer is available in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

Please contact us if a translation for your language area is not available or if you have any further questions.
All contact details can be found on the following page: Contact PRÄGO PATRIZEN. We will be happy to support you in the application of the materials and answer technical questions about their use – right from the order or delivery of our products.

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