Blind Embossing

… is a relief embossing which exclusively produces a relief-like shaping of the paper or the cardboard.
In contrast to the relief-hot-foil embossing, blind embossing is effected without the use of heat. For this reason it is also called cold embossing.
Our products for the manufacture of counter dies can be processed in press platen printing and cylinder printing machines as well as in all other kinds of embossing and stamping machines.

Prägo counter die products for blind (cold) embossing:



suitable for paper ranging between 50 g/qm and 180 g/qm in weight
Is used on HD Tiegel Presses, on HD Zylinder rotation presses but also in embossing sections of rotation web presses e.g. in label printing industry.


suitable for carton boards ranging between 180 g/qm and 500 g/qm in weight
suitable for large-size machines of the cardboard box industry (when working with several metal dies at a time) or for large single dies