Prägo patrices have been in daily use for decades by printers around the world for the efficient implementation of embossing. With the acquisition of the business on March, 1st 2022, TCL-Solutions now produces and sells Prägo Patrizen products.

Production and sales of Prägo products continue!

Please follow the information on this website and use the new contact details.

counter die products for the in-house production of counter dies for relief embossing in the paper and cardboard sector











Patrizen-products: for blind embossing
for relief foil hot embossing

informations about the embossing die



Prägo Patrizen

For more than 40 years

We supply customers worldwide with our patrix products for blind embossing and relief hot foil embossing.
PRÄGO COUNTER DIES are of high contour acuity, cut to fit easily and can be manufactured in no time.
PRÄGO PATRIZEN supplies the materials in three product groups:




For blind embossing on paper in the range of paper thicknesses of 50 g/m2 and 180 g/m2





Suitable for blind embossing of cardboard ranging between 200 g/m2 and 500 g/m2 in weight, where single large metal embossing dies are required or multiple purposes are to be achieved simultaneously





Suitable for relief-hot-foil-embossing in a single operation in horizontally and vertically, flat on flat operating embossing machines

Resistant to Circulation For High-Quality Embossing

In more than 50 countries, on all continents, printers emboss with PRÄGO products – with platen and cylinder printing machines, automatic punching and embossing presses.


With our videos we give an overview of the PRÄGO products and show in four separate instructions the use of the materials in the printing machine.
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Operating Instructions

Instructions for use for PRÄGOPLAST, PRÄGOPASTE and PRÄGOTHERM are available for download as PDF files. Each instruction manual is written in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian. Please contact PRÄGO PATRIZEN if your language area is not included. We are happy to help with further translations.

Information about the Metall Embossing Die

An important factor in the manufacture of counterpressure dies is the metal embossing die. Here you will find further information on the metal embossing die

Counter Die - Products


The self-adhesive counter die material guarantees the preparation of the male and the running of the machine within a few minutes.




Ready-to-use paste that hardens in approx. 30 minutes. It allows the various dies to be carefully dressed without the hardening process starting before the machine can be shut down.




A counter die material for relief foil hot stamping from the finest relief contours to large relief areas.